a mother and her daughter(s)


Since moving to Chicago a few years back, I’ve been blessed to meet some pretty cool folks.  Tia and her family are on my cool list.

Our encounter was one of fate. Literally!

I met her in church

Tia to me and  Mrs. Staggers to the rest of you;  is more than my sister in faith and the real first lady of  District312 (she’s Fred’s better half).

She is a wife, a mother, a daughter and a friend.

I myself think that she is quite awesome and I invite you to see just how much by reading below.


Name: Tiawanna Staggers

Location: Chicago, IL

Occupation: Teacher

Mother of  2


MNH- Tell me all things Tiawanna Staggers ;)

TS- I’m a young mother, 25 to be precise ;) a wife and a teacher. I’m pretty easy-going. The things that make me happy are  very simple. Shopping, spending time with my daughter and date nights with my husband are some of the things that bring me joy.

MNH- As mothers we each have individual styles, how would you describe yours?

TS- My style is very… Uncomplicated. I like to keep things simple but classy. A woman must remain classy at all times.

MNH- I agree! Keeping things classy is a must! But I know how Fred (your husband) is with his personal style, do you try to keep up with him?

TS-  I try to spice it up a little by not being too matchy. My husband is a very fashionable person, so I try to step it up a notch.


MNH- What about your daughter? Each time I see her, she’s wearing the latest in kid’s fashions. She always has the cutest looks. How do you go about that?

TS- I still pick certain pieces for her but she also has a say. She’s really  a girl’s girl. She loves her dresses and skirts.




MNH- Speaking of your child, I’m guessing one of two things, either you’ve had a large lunch, or you have a bun in the oven? Which is it ;) ?

TS- Yes! We are expecting our second child… Another little girl.



MNH- What is the most exciting thing about expecting your second child?

TS- Giving Aubrey (my daughter) something to do LOL!

MNH- What’s that one thing (for you) about motherhood that is comparable to nothing else.

TS- The simple fact that you get to share your love with someone special.

MNH- What’s in store for Mother’s Day this year?

TS- Heading to Church as we do every Sunday and some quality time with the family.


I had such a good time taking pictures of these two! And that little Aubrey, what a personality!  Remember her name this little girl is going to be famous!

Until next time ;)