the sweetest bond


I met Cha’rron a few years ago at a local fashion event for Cerrato boutique. I noticed her because she was there with her daughter.

I remember thinking that it was so cool that she had brought her child with her and secretly longed for a daughter at that very moment.

This was years before I was blessed with Neriah.

Cha’rron and Destinee’s  bond is so wonderful and sweet that it’s almost tangible.

I invite you to keep reading  so that you too, through this post, experience their connection and meet this fearless “momtrepeneur”!


Cha’rron Davis Founder and Managing Director of CChic. Fashion is truly her world! When she is not working on a client fashion event or managing one of the numerous client social media [fashion]profiles, she can often be found obsessing over the latest designer collections around the world & locally attending numerous Chicago Designer fashion events. Full House, the color pink, Traveling & Stylish Comfy shoes are her Obsessions.


MNH- What, in your opinion, is THE most rewarding thing about being a mother?

CD- The feeling of love. A real undying love, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt or known. The joy I feel when she accomplishes things like honor roll in school, doing well in choir or just being silly all add up to a lifetime of beautiful meaningful moments.

MNH- I’m curious to know what your personal style was like during your pregnancy.

CD- Gosh that was years ago but mostly the same, I remember going to University classes in the evening wearing heels! Stretchy dresses were my best friends!

MNH- How would you describe your personal style now?

image (1)

CD- Actually I would definitely say I have come into my own. Now that I am in my thirties I have my staple look that I am comfortable with and much of that comes from years of trial & error. I love adding a simple blazer with everything; from shorts to bodycon dresses, it creates an instant polished look.

image (2)

MNH- What’s tougher, being a mother or a business woman?

CD- Definitely being a mother! My daughter’s life is in my hands and there is nothing more tougher or scarier.

MNH- How do you juggle business and motherhood?

CD- I am truly blessed to have an amazing support system, this is necessary when starting a business as the first couple years there is so much groundwork & legal tasks besides just doing the actual client work that it becomes overwhelming. My family understands if I need to work late or get creative spurts! On a typical weekday evening my daughter is right there next to me working on her school work or studying while I’m working on client projects. It’s pretty amazing how it all balances out!


MNH- Any special traditions you share with your daughter?

CD- -We’ve recently made a tradition to visit New York once a year…mainly to visit exclusive shops that are not found in Chicago & to get better selection of Collections. We went this past February and got many things for her spring wardrobe including some favorites at Monalisa, Zara & Sanrio (Hello Kitty Store).

MNH- What are the Mother’s Day festivities set for this year?

CD- -Hopefully somewhere relaxing with loved ones! I say a spa day is in order!


I agree!  As busy as you are Cha’rron,  a Spa Day is definitely in order!

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Until next time :)


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