brussels sprouts and steak stir-fry


I’m a fan of brussels sprouts.

I’m fully aware that not everyone likes these little cabbages… But I do.

Growing up my parents rarely bought junk food, so my brothers and I were “stuck” eating healthy alternatives. Not to say that our parents didn’t treat us to pizzas and burgers but most of our meals were nutritious.

Now that I have a child of my own, I can understand why our folks weren’t so keen on letting us eat fast food on a regular basis.


In a quest to spruce things up from the usual steamed sprouts, I decided to search one of my favorite sites for inspiration;

Tired of steaming these cabbage like greens? Then this is for you.


“allow me to re-introduce myself”

You will need –

  • 3 tablespoons oyster sauce
  • 3 tablespoons reduced-sodium soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons unseasoned rice vinegar
  • 4 tablespoons vegetable oil, divided
  • 1 pound brussels sprouts, halved
  • 8 ounces flank or skirt steak, thinly sliced against the grain
  • Kosher salt
  • 4 scallions, whites chopped, greens sliced
  • 3 garlic cloves, sliced
  • 2 tablespoons chopped peeled ginger
  • 2 medium carrots, peeled, thinly sliced on a diagonal
  • 1 Fresno chile or jalapeño, sliced into rings
  • Steamed rice (for serving)

extra virgin – low sodium woot!


carrots — yummy


party over here – ain’t nothing over there

Want to try it? Get the full recipe at

Are you a fan of brussels sprouts?

How do you cook yours? Leave a comment below, I would like to know.

Until next time :)