little butterfly


Motherhood is no easy feat.

Early mornings, sleepless nights, screaming baby and for me; a daughter who hates to have her hair combed.

For a few months I let her get away with it, besides she didn’t have much to work with. But now that her hair is growing rapidly, I can no longer let her wild mane be my downfall.


However, over the weekend, something happened… She sat still and allowed me to fix her hair before heading to church.

God answers prayers!

Below are the results  :)


the typical African hairstyle (for kids)


children’s place (butterfly) top


skinny jeans – old navy

My daughter always seems to be fascinated by everything but her toys. If we only knew that she would enjoy playing with remote controls and hangers, we would have never bought toys ;)

So tell me, what is that one thing your child(ren) will not let you do?

Leave a comment below, I would like to know.

Until next time :)