affaire d’amour


I always tend to gravitate towards graphic tees with French sayings.

My collection has grown immensily in the last few months.  So much so that I recently fell in love with a “Big Poppa”[B.I.G.] tee which translates the late rapper’s  most popular hook – “I love it when you call me big poppa”.

I mean it really doesn’t get any cooler.

How often do you get to wear a shirt which translates one of the best rap songs in the history of mankind in French, which also happens to be my mother tongue.

Ummm never ;)

So of course I jumped on the opporunity.

The  “J’adore quand ils m’appellent BIG Poppa” tee will make its appearance in a later post, and I’m quite sure that you will like it too.


On this day, I paired my t-shirt with printed denim and completed the look with strappy sandals.


photo credits: my husband


Bisou Bisou pants – Bakers Sandals

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So tell me, are you gaga for graphic tees?

Leave a comment below I would like to know !

Until next time :)