cute as an owl


black 2 piece peplum suit (gift from my dad)

That face is the face of amazement.

I’m sure you were thinking; wow what a candid shot.

Truth is, this was not a candid shot.

The look on her face is one of bewilderment with a hint of  admiration as she watches me dance to one of her favorite songs; Pepino the Italian Mouse, all this while snapping her picture.

Super mom? Yeah pretty much ;)


long sleeved onesie – Old Navy

After showing her my moves, it was only right for her to show me hers! Go ‘Riah!


When we’re not reading books, playing with toys or watching Yo Gaba Gaba, we like to dance!

What’s your favorite thing to do with your child(ren) ?

Leave a comment below, I would like to know!

Until next time :)


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