it’s black, it’s white


my nails match the staircase ( it was not planned)

I’ve never been a fan of wearing  bold black and white stripes until recently.

I think my fear of looking like a referee got the best of me. I’ve since let go of that ridiculous misconception and embraced the colors wholeheartedly.

On this particular day, I paired my JCP top with some high-waisted pants I got from a local thrift store.


thrifted pants $2.99


the black shoes are the same ones I wore here

The feeling of victory that takes over me when I score an awesome find at the thrift store is epic. And when said find does not need to be tailored in order to fit properly, my triumph is always worthy of a dance. That day … I danced ;)

Do you thrift? If so what are some of your favorite places?

Leave a comment below. I would like to know.

Until next time :)