so fresh and so clean


bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

My mother knows what I like.

On our last trip to Ottawa, she showered Neriah with gifts, and amongst those gifts was this pink plaid tunic and white denim from none other than Joe Fresh. I really need to put this ” favorite places to shop for kids” list asap. Joe Fresh definitely tops that list.

This was given to her back in July, and she wore it for the first time over the weekend. As much as I like this outfit, I’m not sure that white pants would be my first choice for Neriah or for any child for that matter. I know how prone to accidents I tend to get when wearing white and so I can only imagine…


is she finally taking a liking to my picture taking ways… I doubt it.


heart shaped buttons


fresh made


love the flowered details in the pants



Are you like me?  The minute you wear white you become a magnet for coffee spills.

If so, how do you feel about children wearing the heavenly hue?

Leave a comment below, I would like to know.

Until next time :)