birthday preparations


Let’s get chocolate wasted

All of my free time in the lasts few weeks have been dedicated to pinning to my [pinterest]  “bambina” board getting inspired for Neriah’s upcoming 1st birthday. I wanted to do something she would enjoy. Yes I’m fully aware that she probably won’t remember. But I  wanted her to enjoy the moment.

My daughter is a Yo Gaba Gaba super fan. She gets extremely excited when the psychedelic intro begins, and when DJ Lance Rock appears she is completely focused.

So it was fitting for us to throw her a party with all of her Gaba Land friends.

And so the DIY projects began.

I made cupcake toppers, gift bags and water bottle labels… You don’t know how crafty you are until you become a mother.


the gaba gang chillin’ on my table

I was forced to make these cupcake toppers!  I had originally found some very cute ones on Etsy a few months ago. But then I procrastinated, and by the time I went back to the shop to purchase them… The shop was closed.

Although easy to make it took patience. I printed enough characters so that the toppers would be double-sided. I then cut them in circles, taped a tooth pick behind each of them and glued them on matching construction paper.


simple… but time consuming


I cut off more of the construction paper to make it smaller




eye balls



For the gift bags, I was inspired by Pinterest. I love creativity. I purchased the  yellow and red bags from Party City and recreated some of the characters.


easy to make water bottle labels

These were easy to make, I simply personalized the labels off a template, printed them, laminated the labels with clear tape and cut them out. Very simple and quick.


finish off with double sided tape and stick on water bottle


gum balls in a mason jar

I wanted to keep things simple with the centerpieces.

I chose these colorful bubble gums because they somewhat matched the Yo Gaba Gaba characters plus I didn’t want to over do it.

I also planned on giving them away to whoever could guess the number of bubble gums in each jar.

I will be sharing the pictures from the party in an upcoming post.

So tell me, have you ever found yourself getting super crafty for your child’s party or for any party for that matter?

Leave a comment below, I would like to know.

Until next time :)


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