I like simplicity.

You’ve heard it before… That old saying that “less is more”.  Well I took it and ran with it!

On Friday 02/08/13 my DISTRICT312 fam and I hosted a viewing party at Epic Luxury boutique.

The viewing party was to celebrate the launch of our new  web series set to air every second Tuesday of every month starting this upcoming Tuesday on Vimeo . I wanted to be comfortable but still look put together.

I opted for a simple look. Pants, a tee and some heels.


Oh hello sparkly goodness in the back of my boots!


 mean muggin’


It’s unfortunate that I didn’t think of capturing the look from head to toe to share with you. But please, don’t be saddened. The pants are one of my favorite items, and they often find themselves on my “repeat offender list” along with these  . Therefore there will be many more occasions to see how I wore the H&M pants!

So tell me! Do you have days where you just want to keep it simple but look “put together”? If so, what do you wear?

Leave a comment below! I would like to know!

Until next time! :)