cape town

I have a confession!

I’ve lived in Chicago for few years now, and my sense of direction when it comes to the city and my whereabouts have not matured one bit. I use a GPS the minute I leave my house to guide me around the city.

I still feel like a tourist * hides face in shame*

When people ask me where I live and I tell them, the question is usually followed by oh is that south of the 394, to which I I often reply ( sure), because I’m unsure!

In an effort to get to know the city that I’ve called home for the last 7 years * hides face in shame again* to re-discover it!


Over the weekend Neriah and I went on one of our mommy and me dates (more on that in another post) to the Museum of Contemporary Art here in Chicago, It was our first time going and boy oh boy did we have a ball! We took pictures and I will share my favorite exhibition with you in another post.

For our “date” I rocked what I love best: denim!

I completed the look with a pair of white Chucks and a cape I purchase eons ago. So old I don’t even remember where I purchased it. It came in hand because the brisk winds by the lake were nothing nice!

loving the Boss Mom Nation pins so much – I rock them a couple of different ways! (on my bag)

milknhonee.comor cape ūüėČ

So are you a tourist in your own city, or do you use a GPS as much as I do?

Let me know by dropping a line or two below.

Until next time.

Shout out to my dope friend Victor for snapping these sweet pictures!

“The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him;” – Psalm 37:23


If you’re not a fan of jumpsuits as much as I am, than this post may not be for you LOL


I’ve finally taken my Canon out of retirement and given my iPhone a break to snap pictures of Neriah in this cute jumpsuit. We’re still waiting on summer to show up, but i’m kind of glad that the warmer temps are lagging behind because it gives us a chance to wear fun pieces like the ones pictured above. I’ve also yet to get the girls closet in order for summer so… yeah!

I love a good sale and purchased Riah’s grey goodness from the virtual clearance rack from Zara! The denim coat is from Gap ( Factory) the shoes are from Gap ( online).

I’ve been searching for light wash denim jacket for myself so if you have any suggestions then please share in the comment section.

The only con to jumpsuits is when “potty time” comes around!

So are you a jumpsuit kinda girl? Or does your little like ’em as much as Riah? Let me know by dropping me a line below.

Until next time!


I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.

-1 Samuel 1:27


Grand Lux Cafe

Grand Luxe Cafe

They say the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. Oddly enough, it’s also the way to mine, and the good folks at Grand Lux must have known considering they invited me to sample their new menu. Of course I obliged, I will gladly cheat on my healthy eating diet for the sake of sharing good food with my readers.

It’s safe to say that I’ve got quite the relationship with food; a very good one! And although I’ve nixed refined sugars from my diet and only occasionally eat gluten I’ve recently made an exception ¬†when I was invited to sample Grand Lux’ menu!

The exception was well worth it!

And as your trusted “referrer” to all things good ( or in this case delicious) I would like to suggest a few items on the menu worth walking ¬† running to your neighborhood Grand Lux!

Below are the ones I thoroughly enjoyed!

Let’s start with where all great meals start:


 Asian Nachos 

Grand Luxe Cafe

If you like parties, more specifically, parties in your mouth, the Asian Nachos have got you covered! The crispy fried wontons are covered with chicken in a sweet-hot peanut sauce, finished with melted cheese, green onion and wasabi cream! Can someone say yummy! Never mind I’ll say it for you… Yummy!

Minis, Bites and Tapas

Pastrami Deli Tots (not pictured)

Pastrami! Need I say more?!

Didn’t think so!

I didn’t snap a picture of the tots because I ate them as soon as they hit my plate. But I can pretty much describe them to a T ( the T here is for tots)! Ready?

Close your eyes… Okay… Imagine fried crispy goodness with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, pickles and mustard. Served with thousand island dressing. Yeah….I know, pretty awesome!

Avocado and Roasted Beets

Grand Luxe Cafe

I love avocados and I love beets, and if you don’t, I’m sorry, because you’re missing out! If your’e unsure, give it a try ¬†you won’t regret it. It’s a ¬†tasty marriage between consists of avocado and slow-roasted beets. Fresh orange, grapefruit and mixed greens are added for tangy goodness and topped with a lemon vinaigrette.


Market Greens

Grand Luxe Cafe

Fuji Apple Salad

Talk about deliciously packed with flavor!

Crisp Fuji Apples (checked).

Mixed Greens (checked)

Shaved Brussels Sprouts (checked)

Dried Cherries, apricots, golden raisins (checked)

White cheddar cheese annnnnnd  glazed walnuts tossed with hazelnut mustard dressing (checked, checked and checked).

Try it… You’ll like it!


Grand Deluxe Burgers and Sandwiches

Grand Luxe Cafe

Who doesn’t like a good burger/sandwich? We all do!

Thankfully Grand Lux has a great selection, but the two that won me over were:

The Grilled Salmon Sandwich (pictured above)

A fresh filet of salmon with fuji apple slaw, lemon aioli, tomato, onion and tartar sauce on a toasted brioche bun.


Grand Luxe Cafe

The Korean Sriracha Burger

Kalbi marinated beef, shiitake mushrooms, onion and sesame seeds on top of our burger with sriracha mayo. Good. So very Good.


Grand Luxe Cafe

Lunch Specials / Bento Box

If you’re unfamiliar with Bento Box, worry not! So was I , until it was introduced at Grand Lux. In short, Bento is a single portion takeout or home packed meal common in Japanese Cuisine. Traditionally, Bento holds rice, fish or meat, pickled or cooked vegetable.

Loved that Grand Lux had their own version served Monday-Friday. You get to choose a soup, petite mixed baby or ceasar salad and main dish from the following:

Steak Au Poivre, Chile-Crusted Steak, Wood Grilled Salmon, Parmesan Crusted Chicken and Garlic Herbed Chicken.



Baked to Order Deserts


Grand Luxe Cafe

The evening ended how every evening should end! With beignets! Warm sweet beignets, served with not one, not two but three sauces.

Have you had a chance to taste any of the above or any of the new menu items? If so which were your favorites? Beignets not be included, they’re everyone’s favorite!


Until next time!


I received compensation for this post however opinions are my own.