my love

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This week, we get to take a picture of our choice, and of course Neriah is my litte muse.

I love capturing these innocent moments, she makes every fiber of my being happy! Is it always happy times in our home? Of course not, Riah can be a handful and I sometimes wonder how I’m going to handle two small children.

I’m then reminded that God entrusts us with things we can handle even though we may doubt our own abilities.

Motherhood x 2… There’s no greater blessing!

Until next time.


diaper bags

Diaper Bag Alternative1. quilted tote || 2. warped tile print tote || 3. leather and suede shopper || 4. marc by marc Jacobs || 5. metal plate shopper || 6. madewell transport tote || 7. madewell mccaren tote || 8. Herschel supply co. “alexander”

What a crazy week it’s been at the Betts’s residence!  Between nursing a sick toddler, fighting third trimester fatigue, getting ready for baby girl’s impending arrival and getting ready to launch a new business with the hubby (seriously cannot wait to share) I haven’t had a chance to sit and schedule my posts as I usually do;  Which makes me a little sad because I love sharing with you but most importantly I love y’all for reading!

As mentioned we’ve been getting ready for baby Betts and one of the things I’ve been on the hunt for is a diaper bag. Now I need to let you know that I passionately dislike conventional db’s.

I know some find them convenient with all of their compartments, and insulated pockets to keep bottles warm and special inserts for wipes and diapers. But those things don’t intrigue me. I prefer little to no compartments, an organized chaos of some sort! An open and search approach is what I prefer, strange? Perhaps, but it works for me ;)

Why the totes? I like the versatility, I also like that the bag can be put to good use way beyond diapering years.

I had a wonderful “non- diapee” bag/purse I used with Neriah, but now that I’ll be packing for two (Neriah loves her snacks) I need something a tad bigger.


I’ve got a few favorites and maybe you can help me pick one or two. Actually I like them all, but I don’t need them all.

the number 3- silver and suede leather shopper… Love the size, love that it’s leather ( quality for long term use) and it matches these shoes!

the number 4- I don’t know why I’m so fascinated with this bag, the size is great, unlike most marc by marc Jacobs DB’s. I just don’t see myself using this year round, but it’s pretty!

the number 6- I have a madewell bucket bag I love  and if I were to pick number 6, my choice would solely be based on reliability and previous experience with madewell products.

the number 8- Herschel Co. products don’t disappoint, I purchased one of their backpacks a few months ago for travelling purpose and was quite satisfied with the quality and would most likely use it once again for travel.

Ladies, help me out! Which of the ones listed above should I go with ? I await your answers below!

Until next time!







spring has sprung

toddlerphoto cred: Lawrence

“I don’t have a favorite season, I have a favorite feeling.

It’s the window down, silent back roads with dirty bare feet feeling.

It’s when I can walk straight outside without pausing to fish out a jacket.

It is curtains dancing around my room because of the cool breeze that pushes against its fabric.

It is sunsets after desert and grass as my pillow.

The sound of lawnmowers, of falling leaves, and rain against the window.

Pockets of shade and walks along a gravel road.

I don’t have a favorite season, I have a favorite feeling.”

 – words: unknown

feeling: that very moment, Neriah,  captured by my ever talented bro Lawrence!

Happy Spring!