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Change is good, and it’s something I’ve learned to welcome in the last few years. As I get older I find myself wanting to simplify my life and I’ve adopted the “less is more” mantra which has reflected itself in my personal style and home décor.


When looking for décor inspiration I like to consult Domino Magazine ( so happy they brought it back) as well as the number one site for all things fantastic ( yup you’ve guessed it) Pinterest!

As mentioned in an earlier post, my go-to colors for all things décor are generally white and grey. I love the neutrality and sense of cleanliness both shades offer and they make perfect choices when considering my husband’s taste. He’s pretty open minded and gives me much of the “creative control” when it comes to home affairs. I do however keep him in mind too because… Well we live together!

I’ve been looking for ideas for our bedroom and was able to gather some pretty awesome inspiration by typing “white and grey bedroom” in Pinterest’s search field.

As mentioned above, change is good and it’s time to switch things up.

Check out the rest of my inspiration below…

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the body shop


I consider my beauty and skin regimen to be quite systematic, I usually find a product I like and stick to it. When something works it works… What’s that saying? “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Those were my sentiments until I was introduced to The Body Shop’s Wild Argan Oil Collection. I’m no stranger to The Body Shop, as a matter of fact my pre-teen years were all about TBS. I would spend hours in their store browsing through their selection of fruity lip gloss and balms searching for the right one.

As  I got older, I  strayed to experiment with different beauty brands, but I’m happy to report that The Body Shop and I have been reunited, and it feels so good.


Speaking of feeling good,  my skin has known no moisture like the one brought on by the Argan oil collection. I haven’t used every single product  just yet,  but I can confidently say that I won’t be disappointed once I make time to use the rest! As of now I’ve used the body butter , the body lotion as well as the radiant oil for body and hair and the experience has been nothing short of luxurious.


The rough scrub, bubbling bath, shower gel and massage soap are still on my “to use” list.

With that being said;  moms bath time fun shouldn’t be solely reserved for our children! We too should enjoy our time in the bath/shower… by ourselves… with the door closed… for more than 7 minutes ;)

Soooo, if you’ve ever dreamed of escaping for a little while to one of Morocco’s world renowned spa, you can do so without leaving the comfort of your home. Just head to the body shop by clicking the links to all or any of the products below!

Enjoy and thank me later!

Get thee to The Body Shop by clicking here!


P.S. You know what I like even more than the above mentioned products? The Body Shop’s Community Fair Trade program! Read more about it here… It’s pretty awesome!


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floral dresses

flo2we have deep conversations

Last week N started daycare for the very first time and I shared some of my concerns and apprehensions here.

The first day was hard for me but not so much for Neriah! The minute she saw that classroom full of toys she ran in and started to play. Before you knew it, she was waving bye to her father and I.

The second day was OK,  she cried a little but quickly regained her composure and joined her new friends. The third day was the worst. I got a call from the daycare informing me that N had a fever.

Come to find out she contracted a viral infection and because it’s viral we need to let it run its course, so no antibiotics. The inability to help your child when she’s sick is probably the worst feeling on earth, we’ve been giving her lots of love and fluids and I’m hopeful that she’ll be back to her old self before week’s end.

Speaking of this week,  here we are decked out in what I call our “floral best. My sister- friend gave me this dress and suggested that Neriah and I consider doing a floral “mommy and me Monday”.

I don’t know about you, but when your best friend gives you a dress this cute, you gladly oblige! So here we are.

flo3my boo,  she’s very talkative. I don’t always know what she saying, but I always listen attentively.

flo4during our convo she showed me this weird thing she does with her foot

flo5and then she left to go explore her surroundings




until next time!

outfit details:

Neriah: dress H&M// shoes Converse // headband NASTYGAL

Me: dress gift // shoes Topshop