summer essentials1. floral set | 2. classic straw fedora  3. swimsuit | 4. mid wash distressed shorts | 5. sneakers | 6. chunky heel colorful sandals | 7. soft gold crossbody  | 8. simple maxi dress | 9. flat slip on sandals

A few weeks ago Neriah’s closet underwent what I like to call a major audit. I got rid of clothes that no longer fit, put away winter attire and restocked with spring/summer clothing.

Now that she’s out of the way, the time has come to tackle my own. At the beginning of the year, I made a vow to keep things as minimal as possible including my wardrobe. I was able to get rid of a whole lot of pieces I hadn’t used in years, some still had price tags (yikes).

So in effort to be more efficient with my space, my time, and money, I’m trying (key word trying) to shop effectively by purchasing interchangeable pieces. With summer quickly approaching, I wanted to share some inspiration with you.

Pictured above are 10 individual pieces ( the floral set counts as 2)  that can actually create several different outfits! As I often say, the possibilities are endless. Below are my summer essentials, and I’m sure you’ll agree that you will need at least one of the 10 :)

1. matching set.

you need a matching set… I’ve become quite obsessed with them and I’m seriously contemplating the one pictured above. I like them because apart from the goodness from wearing them as one, you can pair the top with cut off shorts or the bottom with a white tank!

2. a hat

because we all have bad hairs days… some more than others *shamelessly raises hand*

3. a one piece bathing suit

I love prints… the more print the better. one piece because, one pieces are just as sexy as bikinis. This bathing suit comes with straps for you ladies that are gifted in the chest area and need the extra support.

4.cut off denim shorts

everyone needs a pair of cut off denims… It’s a summer staple, pair it with the bathing suit, a cream colored blazer (roll up the sleeves) for added coolness and voila, your swimwear now has more than one purpose.

5.clean kicks

a pair of clean white kicks for those days when you haven’t had a chance to get a pedicure!

6. chunky bright sandals

for those days when you have a fresh pedicure ;)

7. soft gold purse

a cross body that can be taken from day to night? Yes please!

8. maxi (dress)

because maxi dresses are like a second skin, and they provide effortless style!

9. flat (sandals)

to go with that maxi dress, your bathing suit or even your matching set! Boom!


Now that we’ve got our summer essentials… we just need summer to get here!

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curry chicken



You would think that cravings would let up in the final weeks of pregnancy, but mine are just as strong as they were at the very beginning.

Last week as I sat at my computer, I had a sudden urge to eat coconut curry chicken with jasmine rice. Who craves such precise foods? Moi!

My cravings have gone from oxtails to cassava leaves (African) to ketchup chips. Yes, ketchup chips, to coffee crisp ( the last two are Canadian delicacies.

Thankfully I had all the ingredients I needed (which never happens) and was able to whip up this delicious dinner for myself my family!

This is quick, easy and delicious.

Here’s what you’ll need!

1 cup of sliced onions

5 cloves of garlic

Half of 1 bell pepper of your choice ( I used red)

1/2 cup of peas (frozen preferably)

1 can of coconut milk (13.5 oz)

2 tablespoons of curry powder

2 tablespoons of butter

Olive oil

Salt, as desired


1. slice up your onions and bell pepper, chop up your garlic, and cut your chicken in to cubes.

2.In a large skillet, in low heat, heat up your butter.  Once it melts, add the curry powder and blend it together.

3. Add your coconut milk and stir together (keep on low heat and set aside)

4. In a different pan, add oil and cook the onions, garlic until slightly cooked and add chicken.

5.Add cooked chicken and bell pepper.

6. Add chicken to curry mix and let it cook for about 30 minutes.

7. Watch you family smile as they devour their plates!

Let me know how it turns out for you.

coconut chicken

excuse my un-manicured nails… it be like that sometimes

For more recipes, check out my chicken | yummay board for dinner ideas!

p.s. I added peas in mine, because why not.

Until next time.

gap kids


This outfit is probably one of my all time favorites. It’s probably not available anymore as I purchased it last winter, and I’ve been patiently waiting for Spring for Neriah to rock it.

I’ve always been the first one to say that I hate matching sets for kids, but this one right here is all types of good. If they had it in my size, believe you me, I would be twinning with her.

She was wearing the exact same look 2 weekends ago for my baby shower, but I was immersed in baby shower joy that I didn’t get to snap any shots of her.


Riah is taking over the blog this week, while I take things easy, I’ll be back with new outfit posts soon, but until then here she is in this sweet Gap Kids look.

gap8“mommy… are you almost done?”




gap9my favorite toddler xo

outfit details on our IG @milknhonee

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