denim vest


Over the weekend my husband and I did a little “summer cleaning” and went through the gazillion files we have on our computer and external hard drives. While deciding what to keep and what to toss we came across an insane amount of pictures and videos of Neriah ranging from newborn to her first solid food and first step.

To say that we were “camera” happy would be an understatement. We snapped pictures of any and everything.

Looking back at those pictures taken a little over 2 years ago makes me realize how much she’s grown. Seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital, and here we are rocking denim vests together.

Time flies when you’re having fun and motherhood has been and continues to be one of the greatest, at times challenging, rides I’ve ever experienced.


Speaking of challenges…


A few weeks ago I challenged myself to create “topics” for my blog in order to up the amount of posts I write per week, and I introduced “mommyNmeMOnday”. The idea; to feature Neriah and I rocking a similar look. Last week we rocked stripes, if you missed it you can read it here.

This week we’re rocking denim vests!

My affinity to denim is out of this world. I wear it almost everyday, and I don’t know what life would be if denim was ever wiped out of existence ( being overly dramatic I know) but I want you to understand the depth of my “love” for denim.

When I was younger and worked part time for Carlton Cards ( Hallmark’s less attractive cousin) I would save all my money to purchase Parasuco Jeans. My girl and I were the Parasuco queens, I mean we were buying them like they were going out of style which they eventually did. To this day I’m not sure how we were able to afford them, I mean back then, they retailed for almost $100 a pair.

Ahhh to be young and have no financial responsibility -






Until next time :)


Neriah: leggings h&M // tank old navy // sandals similar JCP // vest children’s place

Me: pleated maxi skirt (similar) // top and belt H&M //  vest cache but similar here  // earrings thrift shop





the turban


It’s no secret that turbans and Neriah go hand in hand. She’s been wearing them for a while and because they’re such a good alternative to hats and headbands I’ve become quite the fan.

Although I prefer N’s hair to be free of accessories, head wraps are such a quick and convenient way to take care of those not so good hair days when she won’t sit long enough for me to comb it.


It takes less than a minute for me to wrap her head up and go, and because sharing is caring, I’ve taken the liberty to put my video skills to work and upload “my” method which I’ve dubbed “turbanism”. It’s uncomplicated and quick, two of my favorite words when it comes to doing N’s hair.

I buy my bandanas from the beauty supply store where they retail for a dollar or less and they are marvelous!

turb5See that smile? She loves the turbans y’all… She loves the turbans!

Until next time.

music for my video by midastouchlive a.k.a younger bro -

I kind of miss video editing… See some past work here



mommy n me : converse and stripes


When I originally launched MNH I blogged about food, mommyhood <- (just made that word up, feel free to use it) and of course style.

Lately, most of my entries have focused on style and I noticed that my last food entry dates back to baking a cake in February for N’s bday. I’ve been itching to add a little more “oomph” to MNH in hopes of giving more depth to this virtual space, and I plan on doing so by expanding on the subjects of  motherhood, food, travel and truth be told, whatever tickles my fancy at that very moment.

You will also be seeing more Neriah and me posts. Mondays will no longer be the same at MNH.

With that being said, allow me to introduce you to our first installment of  mommy n me or #mommyNmeMonday which will feature Neriah and I rocking …

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