the six


It’s been a busy summer for my little family!

In the span of 3 months, we welcomed Micah a.k.a Mademoiselle Juicy (because rolls on rolls on rolls) moved from our beloved condo, took a road trip up north  annnnnd sent Neriah back to school a few weeks ago.

Now to those of you who don’t have kids, this may be a walk in the park, but for me it’s been exciting, yet tiring. Packing to move with two small children is an experience too intense to verbalize! I’m forever thankful to my maman for coming to Chicago from Ottawa to help a sister out! Je t’aime long time maman!


As previously mentioned, we’ve been road tripping these last few weeks and on our way back to the Chi, we made another stop in the six to hang out with my brothers! We had a wonderful time and really got to see a different side of Toronto thanks to the homie Naomi, or Babou as we affectionately call her. When I travel, I’m not big on touristic attractions. I like to do the things the way the locals do. You know, hit up coffee shops and neighborhood hangouts!

We started with a lunch at The Drake hotel where we had a delicious meal at The Lounge! Disclaimer: The Drake hotel in “Beaconsfield Village”  is not to be confused to the Drake in Chicago! Two absolutely different places!

The meal was delicious and the service impeccable. I wish I remembered the name of our waiter so I could give him a shoutout because he was wonderful!

After a satisfying meal, we needed to burn the calories and that’s exactly what we did. Naomi made us walk… EVERYWHERE!

We hit up a few stores on Queen street West  where Mademoiselle Juicy was a hit! The ladies of Meg Shop couldn’t get enough of her and she loved it, and I them! They were so welcoming, and the clothes in there were fantabulous! Must add a few pieces to my closet!

this sit n stand stroller is bomb!

Ohhh samples!

We stopped by White Squirrel for ice cream and of course Neriah was in ice cream heaven… She refused to share and well I don’t blame her!

Do yourself a favor and stop by White Squirrel if you’re in the area and in need of a delicious iced coffee; the service was great and that little bench out front was exactly what we needed to rest our legs from all that walking!

I’m all about experiences and I’m so thankful that God has blessed hubby and I to travel with our girls. As parents it is imperative for us to expose our children to different environments whether it be by travel (when possible) or taking them on local dates beyond the usual. Our trip to Ontario was wonderful! I feel blessed to have been able to reconnect with old friends, make new ones and be with the ones I love!

Next stop…? Stay tuned, meanwhile tell me where you’ve been this summer!

Until next time!

mom jeans


Up until recently, mom jeans have been frowned upon and regarded as unfashionable and unflattering!

Truth be told, I’ve often questioned the sanity of women who willingly purchased mom jeans. I wondered why they would voluntarily choose to spend money on such a hideous design; My lack of understanding led me to make this solemn promise to myself : I Charlotte Betts will never purchase/wear a pair of those style forsaken pants.


I felt pretty confident about my vow and life as I knew it was good! I was rocking the skinny jeans, the flares and the straight legs.. All but the moms!

Then the inevitable happened. While shopping at f21, one of the employees suggested I check out the new shipments that they just received, she pointed to a wall adorned with denim. “Make sure to take a look at our 90’s inspired mom jeans” she said as she walked away. I looked at her, I looked at the wall and thought, is she crazy? But as I approached the wall and saw the endless options and picked up a pair. I tried them on and … gasped! I loved them! Life as I knew it had changed!


Coined mom jeans because they were usually worn by moms, the classic high waist and slightly tapered pants are not solely for mothers! So if you feel like rocking a pair, please do so!


Pledging to never wear mj’s is only one of the many things I vowed to never do before becoming mom to my girls; below I’m sharing three more.


I. i always said that I wouldn’t be that mom, you know the one who is constantly sharing pics of her kids on her social media accounts. clearly I lied! #neversaynever

II. i also said that i would never match my outfits to my kids’. yeah right, twinning is what Riah and I do best! see exhibit a, b and c #neversaynever

III. drive a bigger car. although i have not quite embraced the minivan and I most likely wont! we are however looking for a bigger car, because two car seats in a sedan = not cool!

So tell me, what are some of the things you vowed to never do? Drop them below, or take a pic, post it on IG or twitter and tag #milknhonee #neversaynever so I can see and share on the blog on my next blog post where I will elaborate on the #neversaynever’s of mommyhood.

Get complete outfit details to this look on my IG (@milknhonee).

Hover over the pics to save my mom jeans style and check out my “mom jeans | MNH style” board on Pinterest!

Until next time!


skip hop

skiphop forma backpack

I’ve voiced my disdain for diaper bags on several occasions on the blog, mainly because the only ones I usually come across have been bulky and lacking in style. Up until recently, I used a large tote to carry Micah and Neriah’s essentials and although its proven to be quite stylish, it hasn’t been convenient.

I literally threw everything in my large tote and finding things became stressful! I’m at a point where I don’t welcome stress and try to eliminate it when I can, so the tote had to go!

Thankfully I was introduced to the Forma diaper backpack and I haven’t looked back since! I’m thankful for the creative folks at Skip Hop for designing a bag that syncs well with my personal style and allows me to carry everything my daughters need for a day out.

I also love the fact that the bag is neutral enough for the hubby to tote around should he feel inclined to do so.

I’ve listed 7 reasons why this awesome bag may be the answer to your prayers!

forma baby bag

1) sleek minimal and stylish design with lightweight fabric (easy to clean)

2) spacious interior

forma diaper bag

3) the front area includes two multi-purpose packing cubes to fill with everything your heart desires and also allows for additional storage. I use one to keep Micah’s milk and the other for snacks.

forma diaper bag

4. You know what that is? A pocket for my cellphone! I’m a proud mamarazzi, always taking pictures of my little girls. It’s the little things!

forma baby bag

5. this bag can be snapped to your stroller’s handle and just like that, there you are, looking cooler than ever leaving other moms wondering how you attached a backpack to a stroller.

6. The changing pad pocket performs double-duty, acting as a laptop holder when traveling. It really doesn’t get any better!

7.last but certainly not least, your hands will be free to give impromptu high fives ( Neriah loves a good high five) and cuddles!

I’ve been a long standing customer of Skip Hop products and I only endorse brands that I truly vibe with, you will never find a review on MNH that isn’t heartfelt because I believe in partnering with folks who offer real life solutions. I’m a mom on the go, and nine times out of ten, my girls are with me. We’re an active family and this bag has made things easier!

As mentioned, I’m not a fan of the db’s at all but I’ve been redeemed; let the church say Amen!

SN: I will be sharing my diaper bag essentials in Hey Baby’s Fall issue, if you’re in Chicago and surrounding suburbs make sure to grab your copy!


Until next time!

 sponsored by SKIP HOP