mommy and me : Aracely and Madison


She’s been featured on as their “fashion bombshell of the day” and this week she’s hanging out with us (once again).

You see, Aracely and Madison are no strangers to MNH, as a matter of fact they graced us with their presence around the same time last year, sharing their holiday traditions with our readers, and because we can’t seem to get enough of them, they’re back; this time to dish on what makes their [style] world go round!


describing her personal style in 3 words:  classic, feminine and edgy.

how her clothing choices affect her daugther’s: Madison likes what I wear,  some days more than others, but she has her own sense of style which includes lots and lots of tutus!

mamafash_Madisonamixing prints like a boss!

on her favorite place to shop:  I love to shop at Nordstrom Rack. I can always find great deals for both me and Madison.


On her favorite place to shop for Madison: One of my favorite places to shop for Madison is Zara. They have super cute and girly pieces and she loves anything girly!

Well, what do you know, I too enjoy shopping at Zara… for myself ;)

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photo cred: mama fashion files



I knew our days were numbered but had no idea that the temperatures would drop so quickly. Chicago has been bone chilling cold which is a little premature for November, I mean we don’t typically have Spring-like weather in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, but polar vortex temps aren’t the norm either.

Apart from the cold and the few snow flurries we experienced over the weekend, the ground is still bare of white flakes and I truly hope it remains like this until forever ( which is not likely) but a girl can wish!


In other news, it is Monday… And you know what we do on Mondays… We twin!

I am a sucka for plaid, gingham, tartan or whatever you want to call it, if it has a pattern that involves squares/rectangle I shall make it mine!  So imagine my contentment when I found Neriah a pair of tartan pants to match mine! The squeals of happiness that took place (it’s the little things that excite me most).






tartan1Happiness is tartan pants LOL ( I kid)

Outfit details on our Instagram feed!

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oversized coats


My dear friend Alana is known for her regal style, and the minute cold weather hits she parades in some of the most wonderful coats a sista has ever laid eyes on. Many of these fabulous coats are part of vintage collections passed on to her ( from decades ago) by the equally stylish ladies in her life, which makes them even more drool worthy. And of course it never fails, every winter when we head out,  I’m reminded of my never ending quest to acquire the perfect oversize/boyfriend coat thanks to Miss Alana and her fabulosity!

After years of searching for the right one, I’ve have finally found the ying to my  outerwear yang, and I will share my find in an upcoming style post. But if you, much like me,  have been on a never ending quest for the perfect oversized coat allow me to introduce you to the chart I created just for you! Simple, to the point with an option for everyone regardless of style preference. AND they all retail under $200, yeah I know, pretty awesome!

oversizedcoats1. art wool coat // 2. cream-wool blend – check oversized coat // 3. cream woolen oversized coat // 4.teal oversized coat // 5. pink leather-look panel oversized coat // 6.camel oversized coat // 7. pink two -tone wool blend oversized coat // 8. black tweed leather-look oversized coat

Which is your favorite? I personally like them all, including the fur-tastic one my boo Alana is wearing below… I told you she was fancy!

photophoto cred: Alana’s IG 

Next week I’ll share my faux fur coat chart so keep an eye out, meanwhile check out how Neriah rocks her faux fur here!


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