As it is tradition on social media, specifically Instagram, Thursdays are reserved for throwbacks, and today I’m extending the concept to MNH.

Over the summer I was able to connect with Seattle based photographer Meg and we had a mini photoshoot featuring none other than Neriah! The theme: A day in the life. N’s  life is much more adventurous than mine so it was only right to make it all about her! We had a wonderful time and Meg captured so many beautiful shots!  If I could, I would share every single picture with you, but there are way too many, and you’d seriously be scrolling down this page endlessly!

I will however share them on different posts, because Meg’s photography is beautiful and really, what’s the sense in connecting with other creatives if you’re not going to share their work?!

Remember, sharing is caring!


I would love to tell you the story, but I believe that these pictures will tell the story on their own! How does the saying go? Ah yes, a picture is worth a thousand words…

Here we go!





IMG_9161_edit 2

IMG_9162_edit 2

Neriah learned a valuable lesson that day;  heat and frozen treats cannot coexist.

Such a big lesson at such a young age.

As sad as it was for Neriah, I did chuckle a little at her genuine anguish over a cherry popsicle.

She cried for a while, and I think that a lot of her heartbreak was due in part to her being sleepy; You see her popsicle’s disintegration took place right around nap time, and N tends to be a little loopy when sleep is involved.

I’m glad Meg was able to capture the moment, it’s definitely something we’ll talk about for years to come!

Until next time!


photo cred: Meg Stacker

yummies: brunch

brunchpretty fancy uh?

Blogging has many perks and one of my favorite is being able to connect with like minded individuals. The ability to transform a virtual friendship into a physical one is one that’s become the norm in the blogosphere and I, along with my blogger boo Lauren (midwestlolita) would love to extend this opportunity to you, and of course add you to our list of blogger boos!

How can you get in on this? I’m glad you asked! Lauren and I will be hosting a pretty fabulous brunch at ZED451 and if you’re in Chicago you won’t want to miss it!

The purpose of the brunch is to support and connect  with our blogging and business community.

We’ll be brunching on Saturday, September 27th 2014 from 1230pm to 230pm. There will be complimentary mimosas, sweet swag bags and of course lots of endless yummy food. I’m mostly excited for the food ( don’t judge me).

Want to attend? I thought you would! Feel free to RSVP no later than Monday September 22nd by sending an email to with the subject line RSVP BRUNCH-

Come one, come all!

We can’t wait to see/meet you!

Until next time.

*brunch open to adults only

*$35 per person for buffet style brunch

mommy n me: baci


Before we jump into today’s post, I wanted to thank all of you for the sweet birthday wishes. It really doesn’t take much to make me smile. To all of you who left me  messages via social media, email or by commenting on this post, thank you! The simple HBD and genuine wishes were felt and my heart was filled with appreciation.

I tell you, it’s the simplest things that matter most.


If you follow me on IG, you probably already saw N and I rocking these cute Baci shirts from Studio Mucci; I wanted to extend the post to my blog because it fits pretty well with our mommy and me Mondays, and I really love everything about SM.

Neriah has rocked their shirts on numerous occasions, and every single time she’s worn one, people always stop and ask “what does baci mean?” if you find yourself asking the same question , allow us to enlighten you. Baci means kiss in Italian!

I personally love the tank for a number of reasons, for one it’s long enough to cover my derriere which means I can rock it with leggings, it’s pretty darn comfy and I get to match Neriah (<—- pretty awesome).






In other news,  it’s been freezing in Chicago!!! Winter Fall is officially here! I’m  so glad my hubby snapped these pics before the temperature dropped!

Show Studio Mucci some love by making your way to their site! The’ve got some great stuff. I’m actually kind of obsessed with their tassel garlands and well… go see for yourself!

Until next time!

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