guilty pleasure 3/52


plural noun: donuts
  1. a small fried cake of sweetened dough, typically in the shape of a ball or ring.
    -They obviously forgot to mention that donuts are insanely delicious!
    This week’s prompt for our 52 project is “guilty pleasure” and for me sweet foods are it, particularly sweet fried dough! Funnel cake, sopapillas ( Mexican dessert) , mikate ( African dessert), beavertails ( Canadian dessert)  and of course America’s favorite pastry: donuts!  Just call me the FDC- fried dessert connoisseur.
    Sadly, I’ve yet to meet a donut I didn’t like, but I prefer ones with some sort of glaze, maple glaze precisely ( blame the Canadian in me).
    I will say that I’ve reduced my sugar intake for various reasons, for one, I am with child, secondly my metabolism is not as fast as it once was and lastly, let’s face it, fried pastries aren’t exactly healthy! While I do enjoy the occasional donut, it is not a staple in my day to day diet.
    Now that I’ve made it to week three of this 52project, should I get myself a celebratory donut or nah?
    Until next time!

new balance

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Nothing says comfort like the right pair of kicks and we all know how I love a good pair of sneaks.

Although my preferred sneakers are chucks, I’ve broadened my horizons and decided to experiment with different types of shoes.

My New Balance “innocence” was taken when I purchased my first pair a few months ago.I didn’t necessarily purchase them for the brand, but rather for the color and comfort they offered and I’ve been a fan ever since. I haven’t had a chance to get much wear out of them because mother nature hasn’t allowed me to.

What draws me in when it comes to NB’s is the ability to wear them every which way your little heart desires.

How about a little casual chic action? Yeah, I knew you’d like that! Casual chic is my thing. A white v neck, some skinny jeans a pair of dope NB’s. I like it so much I created a board on Pinterest just for me you.

Make sure you take time to check it out, and of course what’s mine is yours, so if you want to pin the little “casual x chic” guide pictured above – feel free to do so by hovering over the picture. I promise I wont’ mind!

Here is the one time I got to wear my NB’s, I rocked mine with a pair of grey jogging pants to go drop off Riah at daycare… So stylish right?!

Until next time.

photo cred: preface agency