Christmas gift ideas

10 Christmas gifts21. ceramic doggy dish | 2. crown ring holder | 3.leopard coaster set | 4. porcelain dish| 5. buffalo checks blanket | 6.small footed bowl set | 7.monogram bottle stopper| 8.kate spade journal | in style book by Rachel Zoe | 10. polka dot tea set for one|

It never fails, every year I plan on completing my Christmas shopping in before the first week of December, but  the forces that be (procrastination) always get the best of me. I always think that I have more time then I usually do. Ahhhh le sigh!

This year is no different, although I’ve done the bulk of my shopping, and by bulk I mean a few gifts for Neriah, I still have a few last minute gifts to purchase.  If you find yourself in the same predicament, I feel your pain.

Thankfully there’s still hope! If you, much like me, hate the crowds, the long lines and the hunt for a parking spot, and prefer to shop online,  then I’ve created the perfect gift list for you.

The fine folks of will handle all of your last minute shopping needs. They have something for everyone on your list and if you place your order in a timely manner, delivery is guaranteed before Christmas!

Now go forth … and shop!

P.S. How utterly useless but cute are those footed ceramic bowls?! I wants!

P.P.S. Feel free to share this gift list with others that may be in need.

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mommy and me – top five looks


It’s funny how motherhood changes you!

Before giving birth to Neriah, I was the mom who vowed to never dress my child to match me, I also vowed to never bombard any of my social media feeds with pictures of my little one. Here we are a little less than three years later, and I’ve done the exact opposite.

My days are filled with constantly capturing moments in time both in pictures and in memory with this little lady. When I kicked off mommy and me Monday, I never thought that this little “project” would be what it is. I’m glad that you enjoy checking out our posts as much as I enjoy posting them.

This week I wanted to re-visit our top 5 posts. These are the ones that got loads of attention and likes, both here and on our social networks.

Here we go.


Number five. – “all black everything” pictured above, believe it or not I was sick as a dog that day, and shooting a mommy and me post was not my top priority, but when your husband is your biggest cheerleader… you do what you have to do!

overalls5number 4 – “denim overalls” – fresh marley twists with a side of headache because my African sisters were clearly trying to braid my scalp, still love them!

lumber1anumber three – “lumberjacks” – this look was 100% inspired by Biggie, somewhat of an ode to Juicy.

yellow5number two – “mellow yellow” the yellow pants… they always win!

jor1NUMBER ONE – “jordans” – this look was probably one of my favorites. On most days you can find me wearing kicks, not necessarily a pair of J’s but def. Something comfortable. The turban hid my bad hair day, and the shirt around my waist covered my bum, because I believe that when rocking leggings, your behind should always be covered. Legging aren’t pants, never forget.

Those are our top five looks according to you! My favorite look didn’t make the list! Wondering which one I’m referring to? Of course you are ;) click here to see.


Until next time!






exodus goods new orleans



I’ve been a fan of exodus goods for quite some time, following their IG account and double tapping on pretty much every single picture they post because their inventory is just that awesome. For a while they didn’t have a website, so orders had to be placed via email. Now that their site has launched, I pray for my wallet daily ;)

Their simple, yet edgy approach to everyday wear is really what has me captivated and since it’s the season for gifting,  I’ve put a few of their items on my Christmas wish list… Let’s see if hubby caves in.


In other news, sweater season is in full swing and well… here are some to consider ;)

exodusgoodsone || two || three



May I suggest that you also check out the rest of their merchandise, these pants, this clutch and this dress are perfection and might I add, right up my alley!

Until next time!