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I haven’t posted a “The 5ive ” post in a while because as most of you know I gave birth a little over a month ago and during the last months of my pregnancy I was in complete chill mode as far as blogging went. When you’re as big as house, can’t see your feet and tired all the time, all you want to do is eat and sleep!

I might have been absent from the blog, but I was very present on the web. On those nights where I couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep in, I surfed the web and came across some cool finds, some of which I’m about to share below.

Let’s do this!


First – A huge thank you to Fashion Bomb Daily, Uptown Magazine, Red Tricycle, MKF and This Afropolitan Life for featuring me on their sites/social media networks, y’all made a girl feel special, I appreciate the love!

SecondBree Newsome ! #freebree

Third – I usually don’t watch the BET awards, but I did over the weekend  because Traci Ellis Ross was co-hosting, and everybody loves Traci Ellis Ross! Then this happened and well… I danced… in my living room… like no one was watching, except Riah and Micah we’re watching ( I think they were scared) they’ve never seen mommy so excited. I might have  I also rapped and sang every lyric because why not?!

Fourth – Are you living life…. If not watch this inspirational video from fellow Canadian, Shameless Maya!  watch this!

Fifth – Last but definitely not least (insert drumroll here) … I  can fit my pre-baby jeans again!!!!
So what they have a little stretch in them, it’s kind of a big deal for me considering that I still eat like a pregnant woman ha! But now that my 6 weeks of recovery (C-section) are almost up, I plan on being a little more active and by active I mean no longer giving into my crazy cravings ;)


as always outfit details can be found on IG ( @milknhonee)


feeling like a bossmom in this fly kimono… check out the homies doing it big by getting your own here!

Until next time!



We’ve had a few rainy days here in Chicago and we finally got to enjoy some much deserved sun over the weekend. I also got to enjoy a few hours away from my little tribe to indulge in some “moi” time with my fabulous girlfriend at the Mario Tricoci Spa*.Jada, masseuse extraordinaire massaged my mother of two fatigue away, I could’ve easily laid on that table and additional 45minutes, it was wonderful.

I also did a bit of shopping where I picked up a tiny dashiki for Miss Riah!

African fabrics hold a special place in my heart and I couldn’t wait to get home to show N what I got her. Of course the minute I walked through the door and proudly pulled the top out of my bag her enthusiasm wasn’t as heightened as mine. She smiled, said it was “so pretty mommy” and then asked me to take her to the playground ha!

I took her to the playground, little did she know, while she played I planned… a twinning post.


I’ve rocked my dashiki several times, probably one of my favorite pieces to wear in the summer,  it’s quick, easy and very forgiving ( post baby body).

I’m wearing mine with flat sandals and cut off shorts while, Riah wears hers with denim shorts (can’t seethem but they’re there) and her faithful sparkly sandals.

Her dashiki is a little on the bigger side, I’ve been buying things a little on the larger then her actual size because this little girl is worst than weeds, she grows overnight.

So here we are in all our dashiki glory.



dash2happiness is Oreo cookies … lemon Oreo cookies! (that smile lol)




If you’re a mama in need of “me” time, may I recommend Swedish massage at the Mario Tricoci (900 North Michigan Location in Chicago). Make sure to ask for Jada!


One tap on IG will give you our outfit details – our handle is @milknhonee

Until next time!

got milk

So we all know that breast feeding for those who can is a beautiful “thang”.

Nursing hasn’t always been easy for me, I nursed Neriah for a total of three months before throwing in the towel! The reasons behind nursing for such a short time was due to a number of reason, primarily lack of milk production.

I suffered from a serious case of what I like to call “struggle milk” little milk and high demand from my growing infant. I was a new mom who was pretty much set in her ways and despite being told to continue to nurse, I decided to transition to formula in order to ensure that my child was getting the nutrition she needed.

With Micah, things are … different. I was convinced that I would have the same issues I had with Riah… Which I did at first. While discussing the problem with my sweet friend Liz,she suggested I try “oatmeal water”.

My first reaction to her suggestion was… What on God’s green earth is oatmeal water.

After explaining the benefits and how simple and affordable it was to make, I decided to give it a try, and it worked!

I’ve increased my milk production, so much that Neriah now calls me “Mommy Cow” more on that conversation on my IG feed (@milknhonee)

If you’re a mama who’s got milk production issues, do yourself a favor and drink a nice cold cup of oatmeal water.

Below is what you’ll need!

Processed with VSCOcam with g2 preset

– a pitcher

–  2 cups of oats

–  water ( approx. a liter)

– sugar (optional ) I didn’t use any.


add water to pitcher

add oats and sugar to taste

refrigerate for a few hours ( overnight preferably)

Mix together when ready to consume until liquid is cloudy

pour into glass ( don’t pour oats in glass) and drink.

It’s not disgusting but it’s definitely not delicious. It is however worth  a try if you’re having a hard time with your milk production. Be prepared to pump and  make extra room in your freezer :)

*this worked for me and I hope it works for you too!

Thank me later!

Signed “Mommy Cow”


As much as I’d like to take credit for this awesome concoction I cannot. A huge shout out to Liz aka Fefe an her sister for putting me on.

Be kind and share with your mommy friends mmmkay!


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Until next time.